Ankorr #worldchallenge Finals results

We have the resultz crew. Firstly a massive congratulationz to all 10 of you. The vidz were amazing!! You definitely all brought #DaPain, so well done.

Laura Cummings 23/13 England
Samantha Richter 20/10 New Zealand 
Rosala Tatiana Pureau 19/9 New Zealand

Connor McGourt 21/11Scotland
Adam Clarke 20/11 Australia
Chris Suttie 18/12 Australia 

Prizez will be sent Monday team.

Special mention to Laura getting the top score out of both.

Huge congratulationz to Vai MelenaChanene ReidSam Hayes-StevensonStuart Morgan as well!! Did yourselvez proud you guyz will receive a shirt as well!! Hope everyone that took part in the challenge enjoyed it as much as we did. We truely are #BondedBySuffering GAT