What is ankorr?

Ankorr is the worlds first “Animate Load Harness”. It’s unique design allows the “anchor points” to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes & 360 degrees of transverse planes. This means our athletes & soldiers can move forward under load, spin 180 degrees through their sagittal planes then move in reverse while staying under constant load.

In doing so, Ankorr pioneers what we refer to as “Fluid Resistance”. This is where we can simulate “game specific situations” for athletes & “field specific conditions” for soldiers. This prepares them both for operational readiness like never before.

The unique training arm that comes with Ankorr also sets it apart. “The ZUU” (www.thezuu.com.au) is a world class exercise platform based on primal pattern movements. Developed to increase strength endurance, mobility, strength through full ranges, anaerobic threshold, cardio vascular & character without the use of any equipment.

Combine a world class training program with a ground breaking functional tool & you’ll understand why Ankorr is a “Must Have” in athletes, soldiers & coaches training kits.


One of our favourite moves is the bear crawl. A basic, yet remarkably effective full-body movement that increases cardio and strength through range. Combine it with the Ankorr and the effects are devastating. Our infamous 2 minute drill has left numerous heavy hitters broken. 1 minute of forward bear crawls, then spin 180 and work for another minute in reverse. Sounds simple, sounds quick - but the resulting shift from the major muscle groups of legs and glutes to shoulders and arms results in a massive blood shunt, and will have you blowing diesel. No knees!

The hardest workout you'll do. Just ask these guys...